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Commercial Transactions

Business and commerce create the need for certainty and security. There are many creative ways to protect a person in business from loss or to assist in raising needed working capital financing. There are also many pitfalls and risks of disappointment and misunderstanding in which an experienced lawyer can be very useful.

The lawyers at Advocates Law Group, PLLC have many years of experience in protecting their clients’ interests in a wide variety of commercial transactions. For instance, we draft, review and negotiate purchase and sale agreements, stock purchase agreements, employment agreements, service contracts, loan agreements, supplier contracts and many other business transaction documents. We can assist your business in raising money through a stock or other securities offering. We have also assisted businesses in resolving unusual situations such as structuring sales agreements with inadequately capitalized customers and negotiating with banks regarding financing and restructuring loan agreements. In every transaction we strive to achieve our client’s goals quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, our extensive experience representing not only borrowers, but lenders, provides us with significant insight into bank policies and procedures that provides us with an edge when representing borrowers.

When experience counts and cost matters, contact the Attorneys of
Advocates Law Group:

  1. Scott Milburn
  2. Dieter Struzyna
  3. Todd Wilson