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Attorney Stacey Smythe

Stacey Smythe

Stacey Smythe is a respected and accomplished Family Law and Estate Planning attorney who has built her life around helping people. For 33 years, she has dedicated her life to the law and the pursuit of equality and fairness. Stacey has extensive skill and expertise in family law’s highly sensitive and complex issues and litigation experience.

Stacey focuses on helping clients understand their rights, empowering them to make decisions for themselves, and protecting their best interests at all stages of the legal process. Also, as a Certified Advanced Divorce Mediator, Stacey brings her years of experience and skills as a practicing law attorney to her Mediation practice. Her appreciation of the Mediation process has enabled her to think outside the box when structuring settlements for both pro se and represented clients.

Stacey has established a professional reputation for thoroughness, keen attention to detail, strategic thinking, loyalty, and dedication to serving her clients. Stacey and her father, Robert “Bob” Smythe, formed a partnership in Auburn WA, known as Smythe & Smythe P.S. Inc., serving the Family Law needs of King and Pierce Counties for many years. After her father passed in 2009, Stacey continued practicing Family Law and Estate Planning for clients as Smythe Law Offices in Federal Way. In 2020, Stacey relocated to Bellevue, joined forces, and merged with a longtime friend from law school, Marianne K. Jones, in January 2020 as partner/owner-operator of Smythe & Jones PLLC. Now Stacey works remotely and in person and can accommodate clients all over the State of Washington.

Stacey handles cases that range from complex financial issues, contested divorces, paternity, support modifications, child custody disputes, relocation cases and high asset and complex business divorces. She will also review, update and prepare your Wills and Estate Planning documents. Proficient at negotiating resolutions and aggressively pursuing litigated outcomes, she handles straightforward family law cases, pre-and post-marital agreements, and Property Settlement Agreements. As a skilled divorce attorney, she is aggressive and powerful in the courtroom and has secured thousands of positive outcomes for her clients over the years and brings her expertise and experience to each and every case.


“My interactions and experience with Stacey were nothing but positive. She helped me greatly with my highly contested divorce. Moreover, she handled several post-divorce and support modification issues for me that was stressful and time consuming. I felt reassured the entire time that she had a handle on all of it and she was creative and strategic in the manner in which they were handled. I was relieved to say the least. She also amended my Estate Planning documents after my divorce was final. Stacey is an excellent attorney and really cares about her clients and I would highly recommend her for any Family Law Matter and Estate planning needs.”
— Jeff B.

“I’ve had Stacey address legal issues that have arisen in my life in the last several years. She listens and grasps your problems quickly while proposing sound solutions that let you get on with your life without worrying you will go broke trying.”
— Karrie W.

“When I went through my dissolution I was overwhelmed and stressed. Stacey was there and took charge of my case and eased my concern and worry. She’s extremely knowledgeable, smart and effective. Her approach and willingness to listen to my side, definitely helped resolve a difficult situation and allowed me to move on. She has my gratitude for all she did.”
— Chris B.

“I had a difficult paternity issue that was ruining my life. I needed someone who knew what to do and address the issues. Stacey was there for me and resolved it in such way, that I would recommend her to anyone with a Family Law matter. She is smart, knows the law and is responsive. She’s the best attorney I have ever worked with!”
— Tamara G.

“My paternity matter was a nightmare until Stacey got involved. She made a plan and addressed the issues head on. My son’s father absconded with my son and Stacey obtained a Writ of Habeas Corpus and he was immediately returned. Her experience really paid off for me and helped me solve this very stressful time in my life. My endorsement of her is without reservation, she’s the best!”
— Pam A.