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Small and mid-sized businesses need experienced counsel familiar with the details of their particular business, and who understand what it takes to launch and build a successful business. At Advocates we have lawyers who have been both in house counsel and business executives, and who have decades of experience advising businesses on day-to-day matters. We tailor the fee arrangement to meet the needs of the client, spend our time to familiarize ourselves with YOUR business and will always have someone available to counsel you.

We counsel clients on choice of entity; draft and file corporation, limited liability company, or partnership formation documents; handle licensing matters; advise on entity governance; draft internal contracts for the business; and manage the legal side of fundraising/investing. We can serve as your legal resource persons as you launch your business, and later we can assist you with mergers and acquisitions or liquidity events.We offer no cost, no obligation initial consultations. Call us at (206) 682-9600 or send an email to to learn more.

When experience counts and cost matters, contact the Attorneys of
Advocates Law Group:

  1. Scott Milburn
  2. Dieter Struzyna
  3. Todd Wilson